Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Branded Community for Your Company

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The dream of every marketer is to develop your brand into one around which people will rally. One of the ways you can encourage this behavior is by creating a branded community. Here are the top five reasons you might want to consider a branded community for your company.


1. Limited reach of social media

It used to be that you hoped a community of users would develop on your Facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn pages. But since social media has increasingly moved to a “pay to play” system, it’s hard to focus your messaging directly on your desired audience.

2. Identification of brand influencers

These are everyday people who have the power to affect the purchases of their peers. They give trustworthiness to your brand, with authentic word of mouth marketing. With the exclusive nature of a branded community you are no longer fishing around for your influencers on your Facebook page.

3. Growth of first-time visitors

If your branded community is linked to your website, first-time visitors have a reason to stick around longer than they might otherwise. With their purchase, they also receive advice from real people. Reviews or suggestions left by influencers could lead them deeper into your website with their shopping cart just a click away.

4. Social customer service strategy

Your branded community gives another place to provide your customers with a great experience to share with their friends. A two-way conversation emerges where influences can gain status and find support from like-minded people.

5. Built in test group

The development of a branded community affects your other marketing tactics as well. Now you have a sounding board off of which you can bounce ideas for future marketing campaigns. This saves you times and makes your campaigns much more effective.
If you’re interested in established a branded community of your own, contact us today!

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