Why Your Organization Needs a Custom Social Network Script

SocialEngine - Community Software


Are you looking to develop an online community around your message, product, or service? You could certainly create a closed group on one of the popular social network sites, but what you really need is a custom social network script.

You Retain Control of Your Community
When you use your own custom social network script, you have the final say regarding who can join, what they can or cannot say, and what features are available to them. It is irritating to build a community on a platform and find that the network eliminated a feature that is popular within your community. If you start out on a platform like SocialEngine, you retain control of your community for the life of it.
You Can Monetize Your Community
Because you own your community on SocialEngine, you can monetize it as you see fit. On social platforms where you are a tenant, you could be restricted from many or all forms of advertising. On SocialEngine, you are free to sell ad space, subscriptions, products, and more.
You Will Not Ostracize Users from Other Networks
Many people gravitate to one social network or another and spend most of their time there. With new social networks popping up all the time, and early adopters swarming to them, buying into one platform alone will ostracize many potential users from your community. It would be better to have a custom social network script and simply advertise it on the major social networks.
You Will Appear More Professional
While many people build communities on the popular social networks, it does not always come across as professional. In fact, it can come across as cheap. For a nominal monthly fee for the cloud based service, or for a reasonable one time fee for the on-premises edition, you can have your own custom social network script on SocialEngine. You can even use your own domain name to add to the professionalism.
One of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your mission is to build a community around your cause, and there is no better way to build a community for your cause than using a custom social network script. Put SocialEngine to work for you today.

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