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Admin Features

  • Full Member Control – You control by member level who can add, view, and edit blogs.
  • Blog Management – Quickly edit or delete blogs right from the Admin Panel. Edit or delete single blogs from the front end management.
  • Choose how many blogs display per page .
  • Control whether members can use custom CSS styles on their blogs.
  • Full control over privacy and comment options.
  • Full category control so you can create and edit categories to suit your community.
  • Control how many blogs each member level can add.
  • Control whether HTML is allowed in blogs.
  • Easily monetize on this with subscriptions. Set member levels to allow access to view, add and edit based on the subscription level.
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Frontend User Features

  • WYSIWYG Entry Composer – Using an interface similar to MS Word, members can easily compose blog entries. Members have direct access to the HTML source as well for hands-on editing.
  • Privacy Options – Members control the privacy of every post to determine who can view and who can comment on their blog entries.
  • Share Videos and Photos – Posts are not limited to text. Members can enrich blog entries with photos and videos for more dynamic experiences.
  • Categories and Tags – When writing blog entries, members can publish to categories and tag posts with keywords. As the admin, you can create unique, community relevant categories for your members.
  • Custom Blog Styles – Members may personalize blogs with their own visual twist using custom CSS styles.

Sales and Support Info

Support Hours

Support is provided from Monday through Friday during normal US
business hours. Support is closed for major US holidays.