For sites which are just beginning
  • 1 GB Memory
    2 vCPUs
    40 GB SSD
    2 TB Transfer


For sites which are starting up
  • 2 GB Memory
    2 vCPUs
    60 GB SSD
    3 TB Transfer


For sites which have started and expecting traffic
  • 4 GB Memory
    2 vCPUs
    80 GB SSD
    4 TB Transfer


For sites which are ready to boost
  • 8 GB Memory
    2 vCPUs
    160 GB SSD
    5 TB Transfer


For powerful established sites
  • 16 GB Memory
    4 vCPUs
    320 GB SSD
    6 TB Transfer

Super Powerful

For super powerful accelerating sites
  • 32 GB Memory
    8 vCPUs
    640 GB SSD
    7 TB Transfer

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