SE 4.1.2 Scheduled for Release

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Version 4.1.2 is scheduled for release Wednesday of this week (February 16th), and will predominantly consist of bug fixes. Some of the most-often reported v4.1.1 bugs that were fixed in v4.1.2 include:

  • The “X Updates” button will not mark all notices as read now (unless you click “Mark All Read”, of course).
  • The CSScaffold package in SocialEngine now is able to work around the CSS “4095-selector” bug in Internet Explorer.
  • The “parent path not found” bug is fixed. Please note, though, that you may experience this issue again one last time while upgrading. Please see the “Upgrade Instructions” below to fix this.
  • Commenting on forum activity feed items is fixed.
  • Filtering blogs by a tag is fixed.
  • The pages “Terms of Service” and “Privacy” will now auto-linebreak if no HTML code is detected in the language variable.
  • Links on the RSS widget are now clickable.
  • The SE3-to-SE4.1.1 media migration has been fixed.

These are just a few of the bugs fixed; there are of course many other bugs fixed in v4.1.2. For a detailed list of changes, please see the “changelog.html” file in each of the upgrade TAR files (once they have been released). To open the TAR package file on your computer, please use a program like 7-Zip or WinRAR.


  • Comments can now be liked.
  • Messages can now be prohibited or allowed based on member levels.
  • Group owners are now able to send a message to the entire group.
  • Transparent images (GIF and PNG formats) should now retain their transparency when resized.
  • Usernames can optionally be disabled.
  • The main CSS file is now able to paginate itself automatically. This solves the 4095-selector bug in Internet Explorer.
  • Member can now remove their profile photos (setting it back to the default no-photo image).
  • Album photos are now able to be re-ordered by the album owner and moderators via drag-and-drop.
  • Moderator posts in forums are now distinguishable from other posts (custom CSS rules are required).
  • Several modules had new widgets available:
    • Albums: “List Popular Albums”, “List Recent Albums”, “List Popular Photos”, “List Recent Photos”
    • Events: “List Popular Events”, “List Recent Events”
    • Groups: “List Popular Groups”, “List Recent Groups”
    • Music: “List Popular Playlists”, “List Recent Playlists”
    • Polls: “List Popular Polls”, “List Recent Polls”

Upgrade instructions:
During a previous upgrade, you may have experienced the “parent path not found” bug. There is a fix for this issue in v4.1.2, though unfortunately you may experience this error again as you try to upgrade. If you experience this error message, please follow the instructions in our KB article:
Resolving the “parent path not found” Bug in SE4 Upgrades

Theme Developers:
Please note that the package manifest for themes have recently changed. Previous theme manifests included an array key “meta” that contained the theme details such as the title and description. As of version 4.1.x that “meta” array is deprecated. Those entries should simply be moved to the root array. For the duration of 4.1.x both array formats will work, though in 4.2.x the “meta” key will no longer be read. Please adjust your theme manifests accordingly.

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