Socialengine PHP 4.9 Roadmap is Here

Introducing: the SE PHP 4.9.0 Roadmap!

  We’re happy to announce that the roadmap for SocialEngine PHP v4.9.0 is now publicly available.  Here is what we intend to include in v4.9.0. Activity Feed Improvements You asked, we answered. We’re bringing lots of new changes and features to make the Activity Feed even better. One big way we’re doing this is with…

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Public SocialEngine Bug Tracker Now Live

Hello everyone. As a first response to much of the initial feedback we’ve collected, it’s a pleasure to announce the launch of SocialEngine’s bug tracker and feature suggestion area. It’s our hope this provides visibility into known issues and removes any need to submit support tickets for bugs. As you may have read from James’ previous…

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Attention theme designers! Download the SE Cloud theme kit

One of the really neato things about SE Cloud is the theme manager. Beyond editing your theme in your browser, you can also upload and download themes. This means you can build a custom theme and share it with (or sell it to) other SE Cloud customers. The SE Cloud network is growing very quickly,…

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What's Behind The SE4 Demo

A few weeks ago, our version 4 demo server was unreachable for roughly 7 hours. After gaining access to the server again, I reviewed the log files and deduced the problem was simply a result of extremely high traffic volume. The demo had been using file-based caching up to that point, and APC wasn’t installed,…

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Bug in MySQLi Extension Causes Apache 500 Error

We recently discovered a bug in the MySQLi extension for PHP that causes a Segmentation fault error on some installations of PHP when the mysqli_result::fetch_fields function is used. For more information, refer to this troubleshooting article in our Knowledgebase. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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v4.1.4 Scheduled For Release

Continuing with our monthly release schedule, version 4.1.4 is scheduled to be released this Wednesday. Here’s a list of some of the changes you can expect from the update: Mobile! The most interesting item scheduled for release this week is a mobile plugin! The mobile plugin will simplify the layout specifically for mobile browsers. All…

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SE 4.1.2 Scheduled for Release

Version 4.1.2 is scheduled for release Wednesday of this week (February 16th), and will predominantly consist of bug fixes. Some of the most-often reported v4.1.1 bugs that were fixed in v4.1.2 include: The “X Updates” button will not mark all notices as read now (unless you click “Mark All Read”, of course). The CSScaffold package…

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Future Features

Now that v4.1.1 is out the door, we’d like to share a glimpse of what’s to come. We are planning to release v4.1.2 on February 16th. This release will primarily consist of bug fixes and very minor feature additions. Over the next few months, we will be working on the following major features: – Better…

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SE 4.1.1 Scheduled for Release

Last week’s SE 4.1.0 BETA release went extremely well. Thanks to all of you who participated – what a smooth release! We’ve scheduled the following update, SE 4.1.1, for release next Wednesday. This release includes fixes for the minor issues found in the 4.1.0 beta, so we recommend that anyone using the beta (and anyone…

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Membership billing coming – feedback wanted!

Everyone, We are finally drafting plans for the upcoming membership billing system. We know how long everyone’s been waiting for this feature, so the team will be working overtime to get it into the 4.1 update. This will follow the upcoming 4.05 update that will be released soon. Right now, what we would like is…