SE 4.1.2 Released

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Version 4.1.2 is now available for download in the client area as promised! If you’re running any third-party addons/mods, please check with the developers to make sure that their mods are compatible with the new version. Additionally, don’t forget to take a full site backup before you upgrade, just in case you need to revert.
If you’re curious about what was added in v4.1.2, please refer to this blog article for details:

SE 4.1.2 Scheduled for Release

Note: During a previous upgrade, you may have experienced the “parent path not found” bug. There is a fix for this issue in v4.1.2, though unfortunately you may experience this error again as you try to upgrade. If you experience this error message, please follow the instructions in our KB article:

Resolving the “parent path not found” Bug in SE4 Upgrades

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