Developer Spotlight: Booya! Media

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This is the pilot post for our “Developer Spotlight” series. In this series, we’ll occasionally highlight third-party developers and designers that have created remarkable products for the SocialEngine platform. We’ll also routinely give some love to SE developers that are getting press or earning other notable achievements. For those of you with questions about these products, consider this an opportunity to have an open dialog with the developers who made them – post a comment!

Today we’d like to highlight Booya! Media. They’ve created a white-label mobile app (not just a mobile browser theme, but a full-fledged app) that plugs right into SE4. As an SE admin, this lets your users find your community in the iPhone App Store, download an app solely dedicated to your community, and interact within your community from their mobile device. Another notable thing about the app is the inclusion of some features that aren’t currently built-in to SE, such as an expanded invite process during signup, Google Maps mashups, and posts with location tagging.

Booya! Media SocialEngine Mobile App

While expensive, Booya! Media’s app seems to be a good value since custom mobile apps typically need to be developed from scratch. Booya! Media’s product is essentially pre-built so you won’t have to invest resources in starting from scratch. If your community needs a mobile app, you’re satisfied with the built-in functionality of Booya! Media’s app, and you have the appropriate budget, this is probably worth checking out.

Booya! Media has made another impressive stride recently. Their apps have climbed their way up to Apple iTunes Store’s Top 50 list in the “Social Networking” category.

Have any questions or comments? Post a comment for some direct feedback from Booya! Media.

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