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SocialEngine PHP Security Release Patch 6.4.8

We are releasing a security patch for SocialEngine PHP to address a vulnerability reported to us. As this is a security release, we strongly recommend that everyone deploy it immediately. This vulnerability impacts all versions of SocialEngine PHP. Instructions for how to get the patch and install it are in our Learning Center tutorial:…

SocialEngine PHP 6.2.0

SocialEngine PHP 6.2.0 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of SocialEngine PHP 6.2.0! This release adds a few new features and improvements, and addresses bugs posted by members of our community and staff. In celebration of July 4th, we are also having an early celebration sale!

SocialEngine v6

SocialEngine PHP 6.0.0RC1 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of SocialEngine PHP 6.0.0RC1! This release fixes bugs and adds more improvements to v6. This is a release candidate (RC) for fresh installs or upgrades of small or new sites only.  We announced some exciting new features with v6, check them out in our initial v6 beta release…

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4.9 Pre-Release Discount!

Hello! We’ve got news about something you’ve been waiting for. No, it’s not the giraffe’s delivery. What a compelling video, right? Our news is about our 4.9 release! We are thrilled to have this coming so soon. Our development team is all hopped up on coffee and burning up keyboards getting things just right. We’re…

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Mobile Plugin Debut (and v4.1.4 release)!

I’m happy to announce version 4.1.4 is available for download! I’d also like to introduce our newest addition, the mobile plugin! If you’re new to SocialEngine, you can purchase the mobile plugin via the order page, and if you’re already a client, you can pick it up via the client store. If you’re interested in…

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v4.1.4 Scheduled For Release

Continuing with our monthly release schedule, version 4.1.4 is scheduled to be released this Wednesday. Here’s a list of some of the changes you can expect from the update: Mobile! The most interesting item scheduled for release this week is a mobile plugin! The mobile plugin will simplify the layout specifically for mobile browsers. All…

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SE 4.1.2 Released

Version 4.1.2 is now available for download in the client area as promised! If you’re running any third-party addons/mods, please check with the developers to make sure that their mods are compatible with the new version. Additionally, don’t forget to take a full site backup before you upgrade, just in case you need to revert.…

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SE 4.1.2 Scheduled for Release

Version 4.1.2 is scheduled for release Wednesday of this week (February 16th), and will predominantly consist of bug fixes. Some of the most-often reported v4.1.1 bugs that were fixed in v4.1.2 include: The “X Updates” button will not mark all notices as read now (unless you click “Mark All Read”, of course). The CSScaffold package…