3 Community Management Tips For Smooth Sailing

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In the age of the Internet, it’s now possible for us to reach out to communities of like-minded people from anywhere in the world. Whatever our interests, there are groups out there of people who share those interests, and all it takes to find them is the push of a button. However, keeping those communities safe, sane, and growing takes work. If you’re a community manager, make life easy on yourself by following these simple tips.
Tip #1: Make The Rules Fair, And Easy To Find
Every community has rules, and those rules need to be easy to find, fair to all, and applied equally across the community. As a manager, make sure everyone knows where the rules are, and ensure everyone looks at them. Additionally, when you make a ruling on someone’s behavior, point out which rule it has violated. That way people know not only that they did something wrong, but specifically what it was.
Tip #2: Listen To Feedback
Communities exist for the benefit of the members, and if something is happening that they don’t like it’s possible they’ll go elsewhere. If you want to keep your membership growing, then listen to the problems people are having, and address them accordingly. If people feel they are being listened to, and that there’s a dialogue going on, they’re much more likely to stick around. And to invite their friends to come join.
Tip #3: Don’t Scrutinize Every, Little Detail
Moderators and managers shouldn’t be like Big Brother, constantly digging into every post and conversation that happens. Let conversations happen, and give users a chance to handle things themselves. Also, let users come to you when something has grown too big to be handled. Don’t be totally hands off, but don’t turn into a disapproving school teacher threatening detention for every off-color remark that comes from the back of the classroom.

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