Unique Community Management Strategies

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It is common for digital entrepreneurs to focus on metrics like page views, social media likes, and social shares when in actuality, none of this matters to your bottom line as much as your community engagement does.
One of the most important factors in your company’s profitability is the strength of your community. Running a successful business means always caring about the people involved. If you want to grow a solid business, having great community management strategies are critical to your success.
Unique Community Management Strategies 
1. Use a platform where people can connect to one another – The platform of your community doesn’t matter too much as long as people are able to connect with you and one another. However, it is smart to go where your potential clients already are. Consider creating your community on a platform like Facebook where you can create a private group. Or you can create a community on platforms like Reddit or Quora where you constantly have to share knowledge and value to rise to the top.
2. Constantly give value to your community – Your business isn’t about you, it’s about how many people you serve and give value to. Really get to know your ideal customers through surveys, phone calls, and polls (this can also be done in Facebook groups or on your SocialEngine site). Get to know what their main issue is, and then create a free solution that will help them gain a quick win. Also, make sure that you are a thought leader in your niche by doing webinars, creating courses, writing books, doing interviews with other experts in your niche, and creating innovative content that it fresh and new.
3. Find a way to be everywhere at once – The people in your community need to feel like you really care for their best interests. Talk to them, constantly. Now, of course, you really cannot be everywhere at once but you can make it feel like you are. Automate social media updates, create evergreen content and automate it use email autoresponders, hire social media assistants to talk to customers on your behalf and post live video updates of you weekly in your community.
Utilizing these unique techniques will make your community members feel comfortable and cared for. As a result, they will buy from you again and again while also referring their friends to you.
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