3 Tips for Successful Community Management

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A successful brand is more than its flashy online presence. It’s a community. Managing your brand followers takes more than regular tweets. It takes a purposeful brand to lend an active ear and offer meaningful, solution-driven content.
As you build your branded space online for loyal fans, keep these three tips in mind for successful community management.
Keep It Niche
Your brand attracts specific clients. So, why wouldn’t you want to cater your community to those same niche clients? When your tone and topics stay focused on their interests, they stay interested. It’s that simple.
Your same audience can go anywhere for generic industry listicles and news. Cater to your ideal clients and create a unique space with your brand for them to feel understood.
Listen to the Critics
Fans of a brand show support when they’re involved and their voices are valued. In order for their voices to be heard, your brand needs to be listening. That’s easy when everyone’s happy.
But when the complaints start rolling in, that’s an opportunity to show up. Loyalty goes both ways. Listening, asking for ideas, and adjusting to your people’s needs will keep your brand relevant and ahead of competitors.
Put the People First
Your people’s needs sustain the brand, not the other way around. Ensure every idea starts by offering a solution to your fans. If you think of something fun just for the sake of fun, there’s no guarantee for sustainability.
Use your followers’ comments and input as a jumping off point for every new concept to get your community on board from day one. Keep their interests in mind as you develop, asking for feedback often. Involving your community along the way provides them an exciting sneak peek. It also giving them a sense of ownership in the final outcome, selling your project before it’s even up for grabs.
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