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Finally! We are just about done upgrading the album plugin! Before we release it, I’d love it if you could give it a spin and report any bugs in the comments so that I can fix them before release.

Things that are different in this plugin to look for:

1. Photo Tagging!
2. The ability to rotate your images!
3. The ability to move your images to other albums!
4. The ability to reorder albums and images!
5. The ability to select whether albums should appear as a tab or in the gutter on your profile (configurable by the admin, of course!)
6. Prettier layout!
7. Better uploader!
8. Nicer-looking search!
9. “Share this photo” link with various types of code/links

If all goes well, I’ll be wrapping up the bug fixes in the platform tomorrow and we’ll be releasing v3.03, the album plugin, and the chat plugin together on Monday. Additional things that we’ve added to the platform:

1. Action privacy – what this means is that those of you who have complained about private group discussion being put in the feed for all to see will finally have a solution! Only the actions that a user is allowed to view will be in the feed. If I can’t view your photo album, I won’t see the action associated with the creation of that album.
2. A couple new hooks.
3. A couple of new places where plugin templates can be included (such as on the user_home page and in the menu of links on the profile page)

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