v3.02 Platform and v3 Alpha Plugins

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After lots of labor, the v3.02 platform and v3alpha plugins (apart from chat) are finally available via the client area. v3.02 is the first version out of beta. This means a couple of things:

1. There is an upgrade script. You can now upgrade from v2.X to v3.02. Please note that if you are running v1.X or v3.00/v3.01, you cannot use this upgrade script. It assumes that you are currently running v2.X as your base SocialEngine version. BACKUP YOUR FILES AND YOUR DATABASE BEFORE YOU BEGIN!

2. I will now be keeping track of files changed in the changelog.html, as per usual. With the beta, because there were so many changes necessary, I did not keep track of the files changed. From here on out, things will work as usual with the changelog, so you can make as many changes as you’d like and be assured that you’ll have a list of files that were upgraded when newer versions come out.

This does NOT mean that it is completely bug free. Please keep reporting the bugs to me or to the support staff, and I will continue to release bug fixes as necessary.

Now, regarding the v3alpha plugins:

1. You can upgrade an existing SE site with these installers. Simply upgrade your platform to v3, and then upgrade the plugins as you would normally. BACKUP YOUR FILES AND YOUR DATABASE BEFORE YOU BEGIN!

2. These are ALPHA plugins – to reiterate what that means, they were -not- feature enhanced at all, they were simply made compatible with v3. They cannot make use of specialized v3 features, such as the display name, the language variables in the database, etc. These things will be added when I upgrade them fully. They have the same functionality as v2, but no more than that.

3. Unlike the platform, because these plugins are in the alpha stage, I will not be keeping track of the changes I make as they transition to beta (feature-enhanced). This is because -all- the files will be changed. Keep track of any changes you make so that you can reapply them in the future.

I anticipate I’ll spend much of tomorrow fixing small bugs with the upgrade process, but barring any major hindrances, I will begin work on upgrading the album plugin ASAP. And again, I know I’ve said this a few times now already, but BACKUP YOUR FILES AND YOUR DATABASE BEFORE YOU BEGIN, just in case.

I feel as though I am forgetting something that I wanted to add in this entry, but it’s very late here and you guys are so good at asking question that I am sure I’ll recall it in no time. Thanks, as always, for your patience and understanding.

EDIT: Ah! I’ve just now remembered. What I wanted to tell you was what data you will lose if you upgrade:

1. Actions – All user actions will be deleted when you upgrade the platform
2. System Emails – You will need to go to the system emails page and re-enter any specialized email messages.
3. Date Profile Fields – We are storing dates differently now (used to be timestamps, now they are date columns) and as a result, date profile fields such as birthdays will be lost.
4. Finally, there may be some minor oddities in the admin panel settings, pertaining to profile fields (whether they appear on search or not) and admin-allowed privacy settings. Users won’t lose their privacy setting, but if you as the admin are allowing only “Everyone”, for example, on one of the privacy setting areas, you may need to readjust that setting after the upgrade.

Overall, I’d suggest you take a few minutes after you upgrade to look through your new admin panel and make sure all the settings are where you’d like them to be, before you open the site back up to users.

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