Attention theme designers! Download the SE Cloud theme kit

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One of the really neato things about SE Cloud is the theme manager. Beyond editing your theme in your browser, you can also upload and download themes. This means you can build a custom theme and share it with (or sell it to) other SE Cloud customers. The SE Cloud network is growing very quickly, so if you’re a professional designer, this is an opportunity to create your own commercial themes for a sizable audience.
Jung, one of our SE Cloud engineers, put together this great kit for building custom themes. It’s a basic starter theme that includes instructions that will help you make your own customizations. Also, be sure to check out the Widget Documentation we recently released, which will help you add and customize content widgets in your theme’s HTML templates.
Download the theme kit here.
We don’t have a third-party theme listing for SE Cloud yet (like we do for SE PHP) but that’s coming soon. In the meantime, if you email us at SocialEngine with your own creations, we’ll potentially add them to a best-of roundup here on this blog in the next few weeks. If you make something snazzy, it could be a great way to get some exposure for your work.
Happy theming!

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