SE PHP 4.2.8 – Updated TinyMCE and Activity Feed

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Happy Halloween! 4.2.8 is now available to download. Please backup before upgrading, and contact us if you have any questions. Thanks to your feedback and survey responses, we’ve overhauled the activity feed and the TinyMCE editor. Next week, we’ll announce our release goals for 4.2.9 so you can see what’s coming next. Here’s the full 4.2.8 changelog.

  • TinyMCE Editor – Streamlined across the board in plugins and in features such as Announcements, and we’ve also added it to new areas: Forum Topic Quick Reply, Group Discussion Post Topic Create, Group Discussion Post Edit, Group Discussion Post Reply, Event Discussion Post Topic Create, Event Discussion Post Edit, and Event Discussion Post Reply.
  • Optimized Activity Feed – Admin Panel options are updated, likes/commenting functionality is enhanced, and other additions – including “View Last” and “View First” pagination, automatic refresh when a new item is posted, and member names for shared items.
  • Bug Fixes – Event members can delete posted photos and Group members can delete member posts. Clicking “like” or “comment” while playing a video in the activity feed will no longer pause the video. During signup, selecting a paid subscription leads to the payment page. Mail Count on the Mail Settings page remains at 25 after saving changes.

Email us any questions, or please leave us a comment, thanks!

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