SocialEngine 4 Announced

SocialEngine - Community Software

The SocialEngine team has been carefully planning the upcoming version of SocialEngine, SE4, since April. With planning now nearly complete and development already underway, we aim to roll out SE4 by early winter.

This new version will involve a complete rewrite of the platform itself, leveraging the Zend framework to make it almost perfectly modular and extensible. The frontend will be W3C-standards compliant and more accessible for mobile devices. Not to mention a million times sexier.

To support the development effort (as well as the support demands from our 800 new clients since April), we’ve added three bright new minds to the team.

Keep an eye out for more details about SocialEngine 4 in the coming weeks!

Update: As a follow up to this post, we will continue to support Social Engine 3 after the release of SE4 for several months at least. The upgrade fee has not yet been set but should be nominal.

We will be providing an upgrade script for SE3 to SE4, although it will only import your data – this will not include templates or customizations you’ve made. Since the new platform is a complete rewrite of the core using the Zend framework, third-party plugins developed for SE3 will not be compatible with SE4.

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