SocialEngine v3.17, Blogs v3.07, Video v3.07

SocialEngine - Community Software

While our most recent release fixed the majority of login issues, there were a small subset of login issues that surfaced with the recent Firefox release. This upgrade should address all login issues. In addition, a security vulnerability was identified and patched in the Blogs plugin. All users of the blog plugin are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

The changes include:

SocialEngine v3.17:
– Fixed some remaining issues with sessions/login
– Fixed PHP4 compatibility issue
– Fixed handling issue with memcached
– Fixed problem with MAX_FILE_SIZE in upload form

Blogs v3.07:
– Security patch
– SQL syntax error fixed
– Fixed bug that would prevent some images from displaying
– Fixed reporting bug
– Fixed layout bug
– Fixed user interface issue when editing a blog

Video v3.07
– Fixed thumbnail creation bug (improper arguments passed to -pix_fmt caused some ffmpeg versions to create thumbnails improperly)

As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns using the contact form on our website.

SocialEngine Team

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