SE4 Public Beta, Ning Import Script

SocialEngine - Community Software

The SocialEngine 4 public beta has been set for release May 12, or in about 2 weeks. The release will be available to all SocialEngine clients and anyone is welcome to help test the new platform at that point. This will also give developers a chance to familiarize themselves with the new codebase as we inch closer to the final release. We’ll post more details as the date approaches.
Again, if you’re a current client, you’ll have access to this release, no request necessary. If you have questions about SE4 and the upgrade, the following FAQ posted a while back should answer most of them.
On an unrelated note, for the many Ning network creators looking to migrate to SocialEngine, we just finished an import script that completely automates the process. Click here to learn more.
NOTE: If you’re a Ning network creator looking to migrate to SocialEngine and have a full export on hand (the kind you get with an “account termination and export”) , please get in touch with us using our contact form. Thanks!

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