Quick note about language vars

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A note to all your developers who are making your plugins compatible with SE:

The language variables have a numbering scheme that I wanted to share with you – to begin with, the platform reserves all the variables from 1-1,000,000. Though there are substantially fewer language variables than that in the platform (less than 1200, if you don’t count profile fields, recent activity, etc), we wanted to make sure that we could always add additional language variables without fear of overlap. Here is the breakdown for the platform:

normal variables (1-500,000)
profile fields/cats/tabs (500,001-600,000)
friendship types (600,001-633,000)
user levels (633,001-666,000)
subnetworks (666,001-700,000)
recent activity feed (700,001-750,000)
notifications (750,001-800,000)
faq (800,001-850,000)
emails (850,001, 900,000)

Additionally, plugins will each have a range of 500,000 – this means that, for example, the album plugin will reserve all the variables between 1,000,001 and 1,500,000, the blog plugin might take 1,500,001 to 2,000,000 and so on.

So, if you are developing a plugin for v3 and you want to ensure its translatability, what are you to do? Well, after some deliberation, we decided to make the language variables greater than 10,000,000 up for grabs. (Note that I said greater than, not greater than or equal to… start with 10,000,001 please) This will ensure that none of our plugins or additions will ever overlap with your work.

That said, we can’t really ensure that you guys won’t overwrite each others’ language variables. You’ll need to figure out what ranges you need (above 10M) on your own. I would strongly suggest those of you with popular mods to talk amongst each other to ensure that your mods will be compatible.


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