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Alright guys, based on all the comments and messages we’re receiving, we have decided to do things a little bit differently than what I had first announced. Over the next week or so, we will be making all of the plugins compatible with v3, but not “upgrading” them yet. In other words, the plugins will be essentially the same as the current v2.X plugins, but function with v3. These compatible plugins will be available in the client area and be referred to as v3alpha plugins. After these alpha plugins are all released, I will go back through them one-by-one and actually upgrade them (i.e. putting the language vars into the database rather than in the flatfile format, adding the requested features, etc).

So, the way it will work is as follows:

1. v3alpha plugins will be released – these plugins will be compatible with v3, but will not be upgraded or feature-enhanced.
2. v3beta plugins will be released – these plugins will be both compatible with v3, and upgraded/feature-enhanced.
3. v3 stable (platform/plugins) will officially replace v2.

I know there are a few of you who don’t want to see the plugins for v3 until they’ve been fully upgraded and feature-enhanced, however there are many more of you out there who are waiting to start your site with v3. To please the majority, we will be releasing these v3 compatible plugins first, and then upgrading them (in this order: album, group, blog, event, classified, chat, poll). Please note that, as is usual with large version updates, the upgrade from these v3alpha plugins to full v3 plugins will overwrite the TPL and PHP files in that plugin, so just be aware of that as you are starting your site.

I don’t anticipate this plugin-compatibility to take me very long – all the plugins will probably be out by early next week – and afterwards I’ll be jumping right back in to adding features. Thanks, as always, for all your patience and understanding.

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