Tips and Tutorials: Selecting a Theme for your Community

SocialEngine - Community Software

Presentation is an important element when creating your community. How are you representing your idea visually? In what ways can design improve the experience? A glance at our client showcase sites demonstrates how differently a SocialEngine website can be themed.

Our default themes provide some variety, but for those you who find these themes too limiting, you do have some options.

Create Your Own Theme: Customize the styling of the site yourself, or hire a developer to assist you.

Third-Party Themes: Browse the selection of themes and contact the developers directly for questions and pricing. Development firms like Skayz Themes specialize in custom designs and have developed some of the highest rated themes. Some themes are focused for media sharing or even to emulate Facebook.

For two great examples of theme development, check out Shane Barcinas’ Grid Theme and Webhive’s Folious Theme.

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