Tips and Tutorials: Music Sharing

SocialEngine - Community Software

Jazz up your community with music. As with other industries, music has gone social; Spotify populates Facebook feeds with songs your friends play, Soundcloud connects artists directly with fans, and YouTube commonly hosts audio only music posts with no video. Some say music and social media just seem to go together – 50% of Twitter users follow at least one musician, making musicians the dominate social media influencers not politicians, sports, television or movie stars.
Music is as diverse as your membership, and is great for bringing members with similar tastes together for discussion and sharing. Using our Music Plugin, members can share playlists and songs with your community by embedding music players into profiles, and by posting directly to the activity feed. The audio player can pop out into a new browser window so members can browse your community with uninterrupted playback, and members can even play audio files from mobile devices. For those interested in custom features, our source code is available for modification and custom development. Third-party developers do have music add-ons available for SocialEngine, such as this add-on for music listening and downloading that has an optional music selling extension so you can create community music store. Music sharing is obviously important for music-focused communities like MySaxTalk, but no matter the focus of your community, sharing music can set the tempo for community growth. It’s music that’s most influential in mainstream social networks, and it may be the same in your community.

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