SocialEngine PHP 6.4.1 Maintenance Release

SocialEngine PHP 6.4.1

We are pleased to announce the release of SocialEngine PHP 6.4.1! This maintenance release addresses bugs posted by members of our community and staff. 

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed – Subscription Details Page UI needs improvement for misaligned fields.
  • Fixed – Default party emoji cannot be changed. Edited to be :o) instead of <:o).
  • Fixed – Photo title and caption not showing in activity feed.
  • Fixed – Groups Video View Page “next tab” not working.
  • Fixed – Errors in log for get-likes and advertisement.tpl missing.
  • Fixed – Member Profile Cover Photo widget should not be placed on SE upgrade.
  • Fixed – Sunshine profile edit design issue.
  • Fixed – Creating a listing causes errors due to currency.
  • Fixed – On fresh install of SocialEngine, super admin user should associate with the profile type for super admin.
  • Fixed – Need to hide Secret Key for cloud storage in admin panel.
  • Fixed – Do not show missing widgets in the Layout Editor.
  • Fixed – Hide network privacy settings when uploading photos to existing album.
  • Fixed – Delete folders from temporary directory after work gets completed.
  • Fixed – Delete empty profile photo folders.
  • Mobile App SESApi Issues Fixed:
    • When adding a link it is not getting attached.
    • The notification settings page is not showing any message upon saving the settings.
    • Change password page shows an extra field.
    • YouTube videos length is showing 00.00 on the browse videos page.
    • On the videos view page there is no way to like or comment on the video. Also, it shows the user’s photo wrong.
    • On the forum search page, changing the target search does not work.
    • Closing and opening a classified listing shows the wrong message, “poll closed poll opened.”
    • Classified main photo is not showing on the view page.
    • Deleting a group or event from the view page is not deleting it automatically.
    • Replying to a group or event discussion does not work.
    • Users cannot join an event.
    • Posting a video from the “my device” option is not showing any message that the video is in process.
    • The forum topics page shows an error message “Something went wrong.”
    • Editing a music album shows an error message. “You don’t have permission to access the resource.”
    • Rating stars are not showing on the events view page.
    • When I go to an album’s view page and view a photo, and then try to view another photo then the photo is not showing fine.

A complete changelog is available for more details about the fixes implemented in this 6.4.1 release. 

Clients with v6 access can download version 6.4.1 from our client dashboard.  Clients who do not have access will need to purchase v6 access. 

We had announced that V6.4 has new requirements and recommendations. Please be sure to read them and have your server updated.

As always we highly encourage all users to do a complete backup of both files and database before performing an upgrade. Please have the backup performed by your host or a developer if you’re not comfortable performing it yourself. 

Important: There are special steps and patches for those upgrading from versions below v6. You will need to follow the special steps in the upgrading documents linked below before upgrading and applying the patches mentioned.

Fresh installs should follow our installation tutorial or you can order an installation and our team will get it installed in no time.  To upgrade from a previous version to 6.4.1, please view our upgrade documentation. SocialEngine Managed clients please submit a ticket for upgrade so we can schedule it.

If you find any issues with this release, please let us know by filing a bug report in our Bug Tracker. We’d also like to encourage you to stay connected with the community.

With Great Appreciation,
The SocialEngine Team