Mobile Plugin Debut (and v4.1.4 release)!

SocialEngine - Community Software

I’m happy to announce version 4.1.4 is available for download! I’d also like to introduce our newest addition, the mobile plugin! If you’re new to SocialEngine, you can purchase the mobile plugin via the order page, and if you’re already a client, you can pick it up via the client store.

If you’re interested in what we’ve changed, you can check out the summary we posted a few days ago, or as always, you can have a look at the changelog provided with the update. As always, take a backup before you start!

Note: If you’re upgrading your site, and you plan to use the mobile plugin, you will need to add a mobile stylesheet to your theme. We’ve written a knowledgebase article about how to do that – check it out or your mobile plugin won’t work properly!

As always, let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

Edit: The changelogs were causing the extract error, so you can access it here:

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