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Hello Everyone!
Hope summer has been great for you! It’s been great for me. I’ve been traveling some!
I went to visit Kyle in California! I didn’t know he would be away so I chilled with his cat who turned out to be a great surf instructor. Got a little fur and claw marks on his surfboard but I don’t think he’ll notice. Wondering where he was? Come to find out, he’s a musician! He went on the coolest tour!
“Recently I got the chance to head out on the road for a whole month! I was playing guitar for a band based out of Los Angeles and they asked me to hop in and come play some shows with them. We got to play all over the mid-west and the east coast.
During the days on the long drives I had a mobile hot-spot so I could keep up with the SocialEngine community and at night I got to play a rock show! There was a lot of sleeping on couches and driving long distances, but I loved it! I got to see new places I’d never been to before like Burlington, Vermont. What a beautiful place! I also got to spend time in cities that I know and love like Chicago and New York. I’m very glad to be home with my friends and family now, but I sure did have a blast when I was out there.” ~Kyle
Once I got back, I found James and he gave me some info while taking me for a walk. I guess it was more a run than a walk. In fact, we raced around a bit before getting ice cream.
“For the past four months, I’ve been biohacking toward reducing knee and back pain. As an avid trail runner, I can’t imagine life not getting on the trails, but the recurring knee pain was making that a reality.
I was listening to a Trail Runner Nation podcast and the discussion about shoes and barefoot running came in regards to pain management. After that, I listened to Freakanomics Podcast episode “These Shoes Are Killing Me!” and it was then that I decided to try going toward zero drop shoes.
Come to find out, there are two zero drop shoe companies in Boulder, Zero Shoes and Lems. I bought a Zero Shoe sandal and started slowly walking around in them. In just four months, I’m able to run a local trail in Boulder, called Mt. Sanitas, wearing just the Zero sandals. My knee pain is gone, my feet are reconnecting me to the ground and the world around me in ways I never expected.” ~James
Pretty neat right? Donna was brushing my fur and told me that her daughter is making a cool app that should be in the Apple store soon. As her daughter has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, this app is geared towards those in the autism spectrum.
“ASD Journal is a guided journal app, geared toward helping people on the Autism spectrum (as well as others) work through and process things that would normally be difficult, whether it be emotions, significant events, sensory issues, triggers, or a combination of these.
The app guides the user through this process with a series of questions, followed by plenty of space in scrollable text boxes to write any thoughts that apply. This can be especially helpful before, during, or after a shutdown/meltdown, when communication and rational thought can often be inhibited and thoughts tend to be disorganized and frantic.” ~Donna
Another very cool update from some members of our team.  We’ll keep you updated on our team members from time to time. For now, this is your buddy Spencer signing off.

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