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Twitter has always been a staple of the social media scene. The platform created a genre of social networking that has seen steady growth since its inception. As the medium continues to grow you can grab a piece of the action by making your own Twitter clone with our SocialEngine Cloud.
SocialEngine Cloud is sometimes referred to as a Twitter script or Twitter software because it’s so easy to create your own site just like Twitter.
Why make a Twitter clone? There’s already Twitter.
True, Twitter does already exist and has a huge following. However, it’s a mix of topics and has a very strict character limit. If you create your own Twitter clone site, you could narrow the focus in order to discuss particular popular topics in a more in-depth manner. This could grow quickly depending on the topic you choose and the interest level in that topic.
SocialEngine Cloud doesn’t limit the characters like Twitter does for posting. This would have an obvious appeal for those that would like to express their thoughts in more than 140 characters.
Is it hard to do?
Not at all! It’s very simple to set up an SECloud site. It’s just a matter of setting up your account and payment details. The cloud instantly deploys once you enter the details.
Once you have your site, it’s already all set to post. For the theme, we suggest choosing the Stream or Clean theme as they present nicely for this type of site. You can set this with a simple click of a button.
Getting started can take less than an hour. It would be best if you add some personal touches to the site so it matches your site focus. Categories can easily be added or changed. Menus and pages are also easy to handle. Depending on how much you want to personalize, you could be ready within hours to a day or so.
Sounds great! How do I start?
Glad you asked. 🙂 You can get started with a free trial for 14 days. This will seamlessly change to the paid version when the trial ends so you don’t have to worry about losing anything you’ve worked on. To get started, go here to sign up for your 14 day free trial and enter your details. Once you’ve chosen the subscription you want to start after the trial ends, you’ll enter your payment details and account details and Checkout. Your cloud will instantly be created and you will have a website just like that!
Here are some getting started videos to help you learn the ropes but SocialEngine Cloud was created to be simple to use. Your Twitter clone will be well on it’s way in no time at all!
Got questions or feedback? Please feel free to post at our community!
“The cloud has become the next-generation supercomputer, and the smartphone has provided the revolution to spur its use.” ~ Jerry Yang

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