SocialEngine PHP 4.8.11 is Released

NEW 4.8.11 SocialEngine

We’re glad to announce the release of SocialEngine PHP 4.8.11. We’ve done many important changes in this release, fixing some warnings coming with PHP version 5.6+, a fatal error with PHP 7 and many other bug fixes. While we’re still not at 100% compatibility PHP 7, this release brings us closer to fully supporting PHP 7. Keep reporting issues in our bug tracker! Apart from that, we’ve also fixed few important vulnerabilities in this release and made SE PHP more secure than ever.
This release comes with a total of 24 fixes, 8 of which were reported by our amazing community through our public bugs and suggestions tracker.
How to upgrade: You can download this latest version of SocialEngine PHP from the client area. We’ve also updated Blogs, Classifieds, Events, Groups, Forums and Videos plugins to 4.8.11.
Click here to read the full KB article on the detailed upgrade process.

  • Fixed iconv_set_encoding warnings with PHP version 5.6. Fixes #17 and #347.
  • Updated text to support APCu Extension for PHP versions > 5.6.
  • Fixed fatal error with PHP version 7: “break” not in the “loop” or “switch” context. Fixes #409.
  • Fixed issue with APC and Memcache caching options throwing an error when enabled while respective extensions are not installed on server.
  • Added CSRF token field in admin’s member edit form to address a security vulnerability.
  • Updated Video, Poll, Album and Classified modules to address security vulnerabilities.
  • Made individual more secure by setting unique salt for generating CSRF tokens.
  • Fixed issue with newly registered members receiving two welcome emails.
  • Added a setting for admin to enable/disable sending a welcome email when users are enabled from admin panel.
  • Retrieve more user info (first name, last name, birthday and profile photo) from Facebook API during sign up via Fconnect.
  • Fixed issue with FConnect button not appearing on page after user unchecks the checkbox to dis-integrate facebook account and saves settings. Fixes #318.
  • Fixed error being thrown when user tries to connect FB account that already belongs to another User. We now display a warning.
  • Added Google Plus entry in Janrain integration.
  • Removed TLD validation from email field in admin account creation form. Fixes #344.
  • Removed weather widget due to unavailability of API’s free tier.
  • Fixed screen jumping issue with textarea while typing long content. Fixes #403.
  • Removed “Show this page in search results” checkbox in Layout Editor’s page when editing non-custom pages.
  • Removed Title field from Tab Container widget.
  • Fixed ‘There is already an active transaction’ error that was appearing during signup when using pdo_mysql as database adapter.
  • Fixed issue with default value of Locale field during signup not being set as per the default locale set from admin panel.
  • Removed “Admin Settings” link on Member Profile page for member levels who are not allowed to access admin panel.
  • Updated KB article link in Facebook Integration Settings.
  • Fixed issue with Forum Topics’ Title containing quotation marks. Fixes #340.
  • Fixed incorrect links of Topic and Post in activity notifications. Fixes #391.

Changelog: You can also browse the complete changelog for more details about the changes and fixes implemented in SocialEngine PHP 4.8.11.
NOTE: Please make sure that you do a complete backup of both files and database before performing this upgrade. Please get it done by a developer if you’re not comfortable with the installation and backup process yourself. We do have an upgrade service available for $150 which you can purchase from our Client Store.
Your feedback is important to us. So, keep submitting feature requests or bug reports for SocialEngine PHP to our public bugs and suggestions tracker. Thanks again for your support!
Please contact us if you have any questions.

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