Buildng a Community to Sell To

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There are personalities and businesses with millions of followers on social media and no sales to show for it. If you are going to build a community, then you need to build a community to sell to! Here’s how.

Set the Expectation.
Members of your social media group should understand that you will solicit for business within that group from time to time. If you get people complaining about ads or sales pitches, it is quite alright to temporarily redirect your efforts to greener pastures.
Constantly Give Value.
The value that you give is not just from the product; it also comes from the valuable discussions that you foster; the opportunity that you give for people of a like mind to meet and talk; and free tips that you give away. If you are constantly giving value, then no one should have a problem when you sell your solutions.
Provide the Proper Incentive to Buy.
Unapologetically place the members of your community who buy on a pedestal. When you give away free gifts, give the converted customers more! Create a tier for people who actually support you, and you will soon find everyone vying for that attention, which will invariably lead to more sales. Publicize sales and make people feel good for supporting you, and do it in front of everybody!
Customers are not doing you any favors by buying excellent products that solve problems. Treat the relationship between your company and your customers as an equal partnership, not an opportunity to beg. Make no apologies for selling!
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