SocialEngine PHP 4.3 Incoming

SocialEngine - Community Software

Hi everyone. As I type, our engineering team is 100% focused on building the upcoming (and very overdue) SE PHP 4.3 update. Here is exactly what we are adding with this update:

  • Various frontend improvements to the default theme
  • Adding any missing pages from the admin’s Layout Editor back to the page selector
  • Various improvements to private messaging, including a modal-based (popup) message composer, a check-all button in the inbox, and proper message searchability
  • Profile field-specific privacy options, so your members can give each field on their profile a unique privacy setting
  • Photo-uploading abilities for mobile browsers

We are also fixing these bugs:

  • Comment posting is problematic in IE9
  • Music files don’t play on all mobile devices
  • “Number of playlists” setting in music plugin’s admin section isn’t being applied
  • Sharing links from a SocialEngine-generated page on Facebook results in the page title appearing twice
  • Display bugs in the admin’s site-wide statistics area
  • Group discussions don’t always appear in group activity feeds
  • Multi-language issues with the Events plugin
  • Pagination breaks if more than 1 video widget is added on a single page

We’ve dropped everything else and the whole team is sprinting to get 4.3 ready by this Friday. There’s a small chance we’ll need to release on Monday, so our support team will be in full force to support anyone that has issues with the update. We know many of you have been waiting for 4.3 for a long time, and we’re sorry that it’s overdue.
Looking ahead to 4.4, we are also thinking about a possible SE PHP API (since it’s been requested quite a few times). For those of you hoping for an API, can you clarify: Do you want the API to be external-facing (e.g. a REST API), or an internal PHP API? Can you tell us what you’re looking to build on the API? This will really help us figure out how we can build the best API for everyone!

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