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In this week’s Client Spotlight, we got to sit-down with someone who has been working tirelessly at giving back to the SocialEngine Cloud community.
We are excited to interview Robin Outrilla of AppFarma, another great SocialEngine Cloud community that’s primarily focused on applications in the healthcare space that help you stay fit and monitor your overall well-being. 

AppFarma Robin Outrilla


First things first: Tell us about yourself!

Robin Outrilla: I’m a French guy based in Spain, working as a CRM Expert Consultant specialized in International on-site software implementation for healthcare & life science organizations. For many years, I’ve been closely following new and emerging technologies while trying to learn and work on various communities and other software, even if I have more fun adapting CSS and JavaScript.

What types of projects are you working on?

Robin Outrilla: If I’m not working on AppFarma, I spend a lot of time helping others around me on their own projects.

How long have you been using SocialEngine? What originally drew you to it?

Robin Outrilla: Everything started 3 years ago when a few colleagues of mine and I decided to start a community for a specific niche. I learned a lot discovering this world with SE PHPWhen SE Cloud launched back in September, I couldn’t wait to start  Appfarma with it.

You are one of the most active, followed and all around popular members on the SocialEngine community site, why is that?

Robin Outrilla:  I enjoy playing with SE Cloud. Each time I think of something useful for my own website, I share my work with other members and by doing this am able to easily connect and converse with others. I am convinced that by helping other SocialEngine members in my own way, will make other members share their knowledge too.

You recently posted about an idea you had called the “SE Cloud Theme Challenge” (Which was one of the most commented topics on our community site ever!) How can other designers reach out to you and submit their creations?

Robin Outrilla: Yes, after few weeks of working on my own design and exploring other SocialEngine Cloud websites, I wanted to see what others were doing, so I made this challenge.
Here’s the deal: Anyone who wants to can create a layout on their own site, submit their design to the SocialEngine community and post it to the SE Cloud Theme Challenge. Whoever receives the most votes wins!

What’s next for you?

Robin Outrilla: As always I have many ideas for this year. Technologies change and evolve so fast but don’t always meet the needs of all end users. SE Cloud or SE PHP can give you this opportunity. With more time, I hope to make some real strides on AppFarma.

Anything else you would like to add?

Robin Outrilla: I want to thank you for the SocialEngine Cloud platform and all of your support on it. Also, I don’t want to forget my followers and their much appreciated support that makes what I do worthwhile.

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