New SE Cloud Features & Patches

SocialEngine - Community Software

We are now pushing updates on SE Cloud weekly! We primarily focused on bug fixing and smaller improvements this week:

  • Added “Create Account” button to sign-in popup
  • Added “Sign In” button to “Create Account” popup
  • Added Facebook and Twitter share buttons to inline composer (above activity feed)
  • Admin and moderators can now delete comments in activity feeds
  • Added post-preview widget (
  • Many, many front-end improvements in the new Clean Theme

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error preventing templates from saving
  • Fixed display errors on liking posts and comments
  • Fixed error preventing imported tweets from being indexed for search
  • Fixed missing avatar and usernames on imported tweets
  • Fixed double email notifications on mentions in comments
  • Fixed status posts not being displayed in digest emails
  • Fixed null description in link posts
  • Fixed alignment issue with the close link in the gallery modal

Let us know what you think about the new Clean Theme on SE Cloud. What new features do you want to see?

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