SocialEngine 2.0 Released

SocialEngine - Community Software

Hooray! We’ve finally released SocialEngine 2.0. SocialEngine clients may now login to the
client area and purchase the 1.8 -> 2.0 upgrade for $25 US. Please note
that your upgrade order may take us up to 24 hours to process. If you would prefer that we handle
your upgrade process, you can purchase our install service for $19. We will begin filling these
installation orders on the 17th (this coming Monday).
Last week’s online beta went exceptionally well and we are pleased to see fewer bugs than we had
expected. Thank you all for participating in the testing – your feedback was extremely helpful!
Here are answers to some common questions about SE 2.0:

  1. When I upgrade from 1.8, will I lose my customizations and layout design?
    The upgrade process involves replacing all of your PHP, TPL, and CSS files. This
    means that you will lose any changes you have made to these files. Unfortunately there is no
    easy way to avoid this since we’ve made so many changes to the platform.
    If possible, make a note about each change you’ve made in your current installation so that
    you can reapply them after the upgrade process.
  2. When I upgrade from 1.8, will I lose my settings and user data?
    Thankfully no! When you upgrade from 1.8, you will run a program that will import all your
    settings and user data. The only data that will be lost is your users’ profile styles and
    their email notification settings – unfortunately those could not be easily imported into
    the new platform.
  3. When I upgrade from 1.8, should I make a backup of my current installation?
    Of course! Download all of your SocialEngine files to your computer desktop. Next, use
    PHPMyAdmin to export your entire database WITH data – choose to save it as an SQL file
    on your desktop. Now you can proceed with the upgrade. DO NOT try the upgrade yourself
    if you are unsure how to make a proper backup.
  4. Will the source code in 2.0 still be 100% unencrypted?
  5. When can I expect to see the events plugin and forum tutorial?
    Our next task is to create the events plugin. Our goal is to have this released within two
    weeks of today, but it may in fact come much sooner. The first forum integration tutorial will
    be for phpBB and will also be released within one or two weeks. Thanks for waiting!

For any kind of technical support regarding 2.0, please create a support ticket.
We hope you all enjoy the great new features in SE 2.0!

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