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Thank you all for being so patient, even after the first beta deadline was missed! Today we have finally
released the SocialEngine 2.0 Online Beta. The beta allows you to create an account on a demo social
network and explore most of the new features we’ve added in 2.0. You can also login as the admin and
have a look around, although you won’t be able to save any changes. Here are some things to keep in
mind as you explore the beta:

  1. This is a beta version! The front-end design is still being dressed up and minor last-minute
    changes are being made. However, if you find any bugs, please let us know!
    Be sure to include specific information (e.g. error messages) about how you found the bug, how it
    can be duplicated, etc. Please be as detailed as possible!

  2. Most of the changes/additions we’ve made in 2.0 are actually on the back-end. Charlotte has rewritten
    the entire source code such that it now utilizes an effecient object-oriented structure. This means that
    even the old features need to be re-tested, so give everything a try. If you have a thorough look over
    the admin panel, you’ll see where most of the actual new features come into play. To review all the
    new features we’ve added in 2.0, see the post “Final 2.0 Feature List and Release Date” below.

  3. Be sure to check out some of the great new features such as the admin’s Ad Campaigns page and
    the Recent Activity Feed. These features are in their first version and will be consistently improved
    based on your feedback, so don’t be shy! Our primary goal is to make SocialEngine the best white-label
    social network platform in the world, so we used 2.0 to bring you advanced social networking features like the Ad Campaigns
    and Recent Activity Feed. Once 2.0 is stable and the kinks are worked out, we plan to put our effort into
    developing more user features like an events plugin, an video (flash) tutorial, and a phpBB/vBulletin forum
    tutorial. So thank you all for being patient – the new user features are on their way!

Access the user beta here:
Access the admin beta here:

To submit your comments, suggestions, and bug reports, please use our contact form.
Do NOT create a support ticket in the client area about the beta – it may not be answered. Thank you!

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