SocialEngine 2.0 Beta Testers Needed, Release Date Changed

SocialEngine - Community Software

We are nearing the end of the SocialEngine 2.0 development period, but unfortunately we are slightly
behind schedule and will need to make some extra time for final touches and beta testing. We sincerely
apologize for the release delay, but we feel that our top priority is to bring you quality, stable
software, and sometimes that takes some extra time. Our goal is to have 2.0 available on December 5.

On the bright side, we are going to have a beta version of 2.0 available before the release.
We are would like to enlist the help of several current SocialEngine clients to assist with the beta
testing process. We will walk through the installation process with you, noting any problems that arise
and testing all the various new features. In exchange, you will receive the upgrade free of charge when
it is released.
Beta testing will be conducted on December 4 between 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM (PST).
If you are interested in being a beta tester and are free during this time period,
please contact us to get started!

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