Setting Up a Local Development Environment

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Hello everyone! I’ve been hearing a lot of requests to explain what kind of IDE and environment we use for local development. In house, we all agreed to use Netbeans IDE ( This has great SVN support and works well with the Zend Framework. I will go over setting up a SocialEngine project below.

Depending whether or not your are a Mac or PC user you should check out these links to get you started in setting up a LAMP environment:

Mac Users:

Windows Users:

Setting up a SocialEngine Project

Step 1. Download your SE package (and all the plugins) from your account dashboard:

Step 2. Unzip the files into the folder of your web server. In my example, it will be in /Users/junghokim/Sites/se_example.

Step 3. Next install your SocialEngine package in your local server.

I installed phpMyAdmin on my server as well for easy database management.

Step 4. Once you have SE installed there, open Netbeans and create a new PHP project with existing sources

Step 5. Click on browse and navigate to your SocialEngine files and then click “Open” button -> “Finish”

Step 6. Once this is done, you should see your project like this:

Step 7. Now you can edit the files on a working copy! It is always exciting to see the cool stuff our clients do with our code. Here are some useful resources:

As always, please contact us if yo have any questions or concerns!

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