SE PHP 4.2.9 and 4.3: Preview

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Our next update, 4.2.9, is on track for an end-of-the-month release. This will primarily feature minor improvements and fixes with development focused on our subsequent PHP 4.3 update. 4.3 feature highlights are overhauls for search and messaging with more to be announced. You can expect 4.3 to be released towards the end of January. Here’s what we’re working on for 4.2.9:

PHP 4.2.9: Scheduled for release 28th November, 2012  Email us if you know of any bugs we’ve missed.

  • Resolve dependent questions in search form (browse members).
  • Resolve issue with poll selection on search results.
  • Include option to add hyperlinks in TinyMCE.
  • Correct memcache port display issue on Performance and Caching Page.
  • Fix multiple <iframe> element issues in Tab Containers.

PHP 4.3: Scheduled for release 23rd January, 2013.

  • Search Overhaul – Updates include making custom pages searchable, adding search to the forum area, creating search functionality on the browse groups page, developing a global search widget, and making plugin search widgets customizable.
  • Improved Messaging – Improvements will feature a popup window to compose messages rather than a new page, the ability for announcements to target specific users, the ability to resend confirmation emails, and options for the admin to send messages to all members in a specific Network, Profile Type, or Member Level.

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