March 2015 Keeping it Rolling Update

SocialEngine - Community Software

We had a great March at SocialEngine — lots of pluses with the company including adding a new developer to the team. Internally it’s exciting to see a lot of processes and systems create higher efficiency in our daily work, planning and discussions.
There are moments in a growing organization where you feel the chaos of a thousand different needs and directions, but are able to find a focused approach where the pace picks up. We’ve always been big believers that a business can grow only as fast as its systems can handle it — doesn’t matter how many people you throw at it.
My personal thanks to the team here for building the foundation needed to develop quality code, establish a process for product roadmaps, quickly respond to customer needs and easily integrate new employees into the company. The pace continues to quicken.
Here’s what happened in March:
SocialEngine HQ

  • Marcus started on March 23rd, he has already contributed fixes to Cloud and will focus on improving the platform and customer service

SocialEngine PHP

  • Bug fix release of SocialEngine PHP 4.8.8. It was done to address bug reports from the community, as reported on the public bug tracker
  • Made progress on PHP roadmap, with good amount of features being assigned for 4.9 and 4.10

SocialEngine Cloud

  • Worked with to improve the user experience and provide us with valuable feedback and feature suggestions
  • SocialEngine Cloud updates:
    • Added ability to edit settings on the mobile-responsive theme
    • Added extra information to member invite screen to give admins higher visibility into their member invite activities
    • Added better styling to member titles so they stand out above normal text
    • Made profile photos square on the members page
    • Bug fixes, see list in the notes
  • Released knowledge base articles:

Plans for April

SocialEngine PHP

  • Continue working on php roadmap to define features for 4.9 and 4.10
  • Begin speccing out priority features for 4.9

SocialEngine Cloud

  • Pending on, give our users ability to access SocialEngine Cloud roadmap
  • Post editing on SocialEngine Cloud – its coming in the next 2 weeks

SocialEngine Rebrand

  • Beta launch of new site

As always, we love your feedback and appreciate your enthusiasm for SocialEngine.

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