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The SocialEngine Cloud Roadmap is now available to all of our SocialEngine Cloud customers.
To access the roadmap, login into your SocialEngine account and go to your admin panel. In the Tools section select Product Roadmap.
This takes you to a page explaining our product roadmapĀ definitions. We also previously blogged about it here.
The first time you access the product you will Opt-in to Ramen (the product roadmap platform provider) and be able to see the product roadmap. We have integrated single sign on with Ramen so there is no need to enter additional information, you’re logged in with your SocialEngine Admin account.
NavigatingĀ The Roadmap
Once your into the Roadmap you will see:

  • Latest FeaturesĀ which highlights recent additions to the roadmap
  • Got an IdeaĀ where you submit an idea to the product roadmap. Please make sure you’ve looked at the current ideas displayedĀ so not to create duplicates
  • Project which in this case is Cloud Platform and where you click on View Project

View Project
In the Project View area you’ll see the roadmap broken into Ideas, Planned, Being Developed, Deployed and Validated. We will keep theĀ definitions of these in the admin area of your SocialEngine site.
When you click on a feature you’ll have the ability to comment, or respond to one of our questions.
Commenting and Questions
Please do leave us comments and participate in answering the questions we’ve listed. This is an exchange of ideas and the more feedback we get the better we can focus our feature set and prioritization.
Returning to SocialEngine Admin
To return to your SocialEngine Admin page, simply go to the top of the roadmap and click on Go Back to <<name of your site>> Admin.
Thanks for your ongoing support and involvement.

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