March Community Roundup

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Hey everyone! March has come to a close so its time to take a look at what has been happening this month with the SocialEngine community!

New Add-ons and Updates:

SocialenginePress: Wordpress Product – The SocialEngine Press Plugin for WordPress makes it easy to quickly integrate WordPress eCommerce plugin with the SocialEngine. This plugin provides a business online easier and cheaper than it has ever been. This plugin turns your SocialEngine site into a full-featured online store.
SocialenginePress: Wordpress Blog – With the help of the SocialEngine Press Blogs Plugin, you share thousands of blogs on your social network automatically.
SocialenginePress: Single Sign On – If you are using WordPress to publish your blog, you can create a single sign-on connection with your WordPress.
Guests/Guests Newsletter – The Guest Plugin allows you to see guests, visited profiles, guests newsletters, Realtime popup notification with custom design from admin panel.
Uber Theme – The Uber Theme features a super clean design, a landing Page to create an awesome presentation, two types of Landing Pages, one for Private websites, and one that can be set as Homepage when your website is in Public/ Semi-Private mode and much more!
Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 4.03.20 PM
Responsive Clean Wide Theme – Responsive Clean Wide Theme is made 100% Responsive with a fluid grid system which automatically adapts your SocialEngine website to any mobile devices including tablets, smartphones and desktops so that your website looks amazing on any device.
Business Directory – Business Directory provides business listing features for niche social network. Members can create a business or claim a business created by other members. Members are able to review and rate any business that they have experienced with. “Brochure” feature allows members to print all info about a business on paper.
Advanced Music Albums – Advanced Music Albums, Songs & Playlists Plugin is the best plugin as it offers your users the flexibility and creativity to create their own music albums, upload songs, rate music albums & songs, create playlists on your website in the way they want and much more!
Stickers & Emoticons plugin – Stickers & Emoticons is a great extension for Wall plugin. Stickers are illustrations or animations of characters that your members can post in comments. It is a great way to share feeling and add personality to comments.
Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 4.07.47 PM

Community Owner Spotlight: – A Social fitness network all about helping you be better than you ever dreamed you could be!
Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 3.59.02 PM – A social network centered around the sharing of Indian music and music videos! – This network seeks to connect all different parts of a film crew around the UK. Whether you are a director, actor, gaffer or PA, UK Film Network will help you make the right connections.
Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 3.58.49 PM – Show the world your secret, or not so secret talent over at Talent124!
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