Happy New Year! New SE Cloud Theme + SE PHP Patch

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Hey all. I know it’s been a month since our last update on this blog. Between the holidays and a significant restructuring here at SocialEngine, most of the month was knocked out. But now we’re ready to rock. We’ve been heads-down building through December and have some good things for you.
SE Cloud
We’ve been collecting a ton of feedback from Cloud site creators, which has been guiding our development on the new platform. Later this week, we’ll be pushing a major update that, among other things, will include:

  • An entirely new activity feed-style theme (a la Yammer or Facebook). We believe this theme will work better for smaller/newer communities that have yet to accumulate a lot of content.
  • Major improvements to the SE Cloud theme system. You’ll now be able to preview and revert individual templates. We’ve also added new parameters to some of the existing widgets.
  • Phase II of our API, including a few new objects.
  • A new inline composer widget (instead of just the modal-based composer we currently have).
  • Sharper images in post feeds.

Release announcement to come in a few days.
We obviously know there’s been a bit of an uproar in the SE PHP community since we’ve been putting more energy into developing Cloud. Unfortunately, since thousands of third-party addons and themes now rely on the current PHP codebase, there isn’t a whole lot we can do to continue iterating on the platform in a meaningful way – aside from making what comes out of the box work as well as it possibly can. Our immediate goal for SE PHP is to iron out any remaining bugs in the existing codebase and to make the platform as absolutely stable as possible. We are releasing a patch (announcement to come very shortly) that will resolve the outstanding bugs in SE PHP. Please, help us accomplish this goal by commenting with your constructive feedback about what’s not working right for you in SE PHP. The more specific you can be, the better. We’ll do our best to answer every constructive comment below.
Thanks everyone. Here’s to a bright & social 2013!

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