SocialEngine PHP 4.2.9p1 Patch Released

SocialEngine - Community Software

Hey SE PHP site builders – we’ve just released a new patch that should fix the issues you’ve reported with the last release of SE PHP.  You can grab it from your client dashboard. Issues fixed in the patch:

  • IE commenting bug where you could not comment when using IE 8 or greater
  • Ordering of comments were wrong when viewing item pages
  • Announcements not showing up correctly
  • CSS breaking when in development mode for some themes (including default theme in a fresh install)
  • Two untranslated language phrases
  • Page validation errors caused by “parent_content_id” set to “0” on some server configs.
  • Exceptions caused by $address being an empty string on some server configs.

As always, please make a *complete* backup of your site before you upgrade and be sure you know how to restore your backup. Avoid upgrading your site while it’s live – either take it down temporarily for maintenance or upgrade during inactive hours. We are continuously seeing SE PHP site builders run into problems when they don’t upgrade properly and their users are left hanging. Please plan ahead if you have an active site!
We know there’s more to improve in SE PHP. Please let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any bugs in this release and we’ll start hacking at them right away. If you are dealing with bugs, please be absolutely sure they are in the original SocialEngine codebase and not caused by third-party addons, or interactions between third-party addons. The majority of issues reported are being caused by these addons, so again, definitely check to make sure that the bug is originating from the original codebase, and we’ll get on it!

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