SE Cloud updates: LinkedIn, lightbox, and REST API beta

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Hey all. SocialEngine Cloud is now about 2 months old and it’s really starting to take shape! We rolled out some new features and improvements today:

LinkedIn sign-in

Thanks to the awesome people at Singly, LinkedIn login is now available on all SE Cloud sites. Setup is pretty easy – just visit the LinkedIn settings page in your admin panel and follow the instructions there. Once that’s setup, your visitors should see a LinkedIn login option on your site. We haven’t implemented publishing to LinkedIn, but that’s coming soon. We’ll be using Singly to add more login options in the near future. Which do you want to see first?

Lightbox post viewer

If you have a photo-centric site, you may want to let your members casually scroll through your feed and click on items without losing their place. You can now do this by turning on the new lightbox-style post viewer. The Board theme now comes with this turned on by default. If you want to enable this on your site, you can add the “data-gallery-mode” parameter to the Feed widget. Note: If you can’t get it working on your site, you may need to reset your theme – just be sure to download a backup first.

SocialEngine Cloud API

Here’s the big one. We’ve rolled out the first beta version of our SE Cloud REST API. You can find your API key on the “Site Info” area of your admin panel, and the API docs are here. I’d like to reiterate that this is a read-only BETA. It’s very limited – we’ll be adding much more in the coming weeks. I wouldn’t recommend putting a ton of energy into building something for production just yet. The real goal here is to get your feedback on how we can make the API work for you. We are taking a very focused, community-driven approach to developing this API. Comment below with your development ideas and what you think you’ll need from the API to make them happen.

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