Community Building on a Budget with SocialEngine PHP

SocialEngine PHP Startup Tip

The SocialEngine PHP software provides you with all the tools you need to build your social network community the way you envisioned it. However, sometimes budgets can force you to make decisions about how to prioritize aspects of your community. Making these decisions can be tough so we want to give you some tips to help you save money.

Build First, Add Later

When building your community website, content is king. So, focus your efforts on adding interesting content to suit your niche. Recruit family, friends, or colleagues to add interesting content and take an active role in your community. 

By focusing on content, you can build a strong community that helps you to earn from subscriptions or ads. You can then save that money to add features later. Plus, having a simple site at first can help new users learn their way around without getting too confused with too many features to learn.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Discounts are one of the best ways to save money. Here are a few examples of some discounts you can grab:

Package Deals:

SEPHP is available in three plans – Essential, Musical, and Advanced. These plans come with varying levels of plugins to suit your needs as well as free Native Android and iOS mobile apps! That alone is a value of about $1,000!!

The Essential plan is for those that just want the basics. It comes with the SE PHP core, Photos, and Groups. This is a great option to start out with. 

The Musical bundle is great if your niche is focused on music and comes with the SE PHP core,  Groups, Music, and Video plugins. 

The Advanced bundle is the whole shebang! It contains the SE PHP core, all of the official SE PHP plugins at a discounted rate, and 60 days of complimentary support instead of the normal 30. All said and done you’ll get  Photo, Music, Group, Video, Poll, Classified, Blog, Events, Chat & IM, Forums, and saves you $120 over purchasing separately! 

Hosting Discount:

Our recommended host, BryZar offers discounts on most of their plans for startups. If you already have a website, they also have a special credit offer listed HERE

Promote for Free

You can find creative ways to promote your community as well. The content we mentioned in step one will help get your site in the search engines. You should also share your content to various social media platforms to help boost your profiles there and get new members.

Encourage your members to invite their friends. Word of mouth will always be the best, free advertising method. 

Join forums or various groups for your niche and promote your site that way, if allowed. If not allowed to link to your site, most allow profiles to contain website links and contact info as well as an “about” section. Fully fill in your profile. Make friends. Get people interested in doing the same to help you. Just always stay within site terms. Don’t spam or you’ll get your site blacklisted.

We hope the above is helpful!  Stay tuned to our community for customer appreciation discounts!