Ahead WebSoft Technologies Acquires SocialEngine

SocialEngine Breaking News


Ahead WebSoft Technologies is thrilled to announce our acquisition of SocialEngine! Many of you know us as SocialNetworking.Solutions, third party developers for SocialEngine for several years. We have also been working with SocialEngine to improve the script, fix bugs and bring new features over the past two years. 

We want to first assure everyone that the SocialEngine commitment to outstanding software, company transparency, great customer service and support, and a strong developer community are our priorities. 

Our staff will include someone who is known to many SocialEngine clients and experts. Donna is staying on as Chief Evangelist! She will continue to be involved in the community, support and with the SocialEngine PHP software development team.

SEPHP Vision

We have many plans for the future of SocialEngine PHP. Speed enhancements, code updates and template improvements are all in our immediate plans. Further on down the line, we will update plugin features, bring new features and further strengthen our core. Our goal is to produce software that is optimized, streamlined, visually stunning, mobile friendly and feature packed. 

As we progress, we anticipate providing more third party developer tutorials and coding standards. We feel this will be in the best interest of clients and developers and will ensure the success of everyone.

Our Thanks

We would like to thank Jason, James, Kyle and Donna for their dedication to the SocialEngine platform and community. Owning SocialEngine is something we never thought possible and we are humbled by the trust that they have put in us. This is a dream come true! We are excited to have this opportunity to bring our vision to the SocialEngine platform! 

With Appreciation,

The SocialEngine Team