SocialEngine PHP 4.3 Released

SocialEngine - Community Software

Fresh from the code quarry! We’ve released the long overdue SE PHP 4.3 upgrade. If you’re a current SocialEngine customer, you can get your hands on it right now from the client area. If you’re not, you can grab a fresh copy here. If you are upgrading, BE SURE to make a complete backup of your site, and avoid upgrading your site while it’s live. It’s always best to copy it to a separate instance where you can deal with any upgrade issues that might arise before rolling it out publicly.
We’ve included a bunch of fixes and some new stuff in SE PHP 4.3 – here’s a consolidated list. You can also check the included changelog for complete details.
New pages added to layout editor:

  • Groups > create
  • Groups > manage
  • Events > create
  • Events > manage
  • Forums > topic > create
  • Videos > manage
  • Videos > create
  • Polls > create
  • Polls > manage
  • Music > manage
  • Music > create
  • Settings > general
  • Settings > networks
  • Settings > notifications
  • Settings > change password
  • Settings > privacy
  • Settings > delete account
  • Classifieds > manage
  • Classifieds > create
  • Blogs > manage
  • Blogs > create
  • Albums > upload
  • Albums > manage
  • Core > search
  • Messages > message > view
  • Forgot password

Bug fixes:

  • Poll options with the highest values don’t display percentages
  • Activity items that are shared now include media type
  • JSON error fixed on admin’s site-wide statistics page
  • Duplicate link title problem (when sharing a SE-generated page on Facebook) now fixed
  • “Number of playlists per page” setting in music plugin fixed
  • Now possible to see who has RSVP’d to an event after viewing event guests
  • Fixed problem with photos persisting in album plugin even after clicking “clear list” or “remove” when uploading photos
  • Fixed problem where clicking “approve all selected” box on Member Management page in admin failed to create new activity items for newly approved members
  • Fixed problem where pagination links would be broken when two widgets of the same kind were placed on the same page
  • Fixed problem where songs within the Music Plugin couldn’t be played on some mobile devices
  • Fixed problem where disabling access to music features in member level settings didn’t hide the “add music” link on the compose message form. “add photo” and “add video” also fixed.
  • Fixed problem where some IE9 users couldn’t post comments.
  • Fixed problem where incorrect menu item was active within Music Plugin.
  • Fixed problem where event invite page went blank due to language pack issues.

New stuff and improvements:

  • Private message compose form now appears as a pop-up modal, instead of it’s own page.
  • Private messages are now searchable.
  • “Check all” box added to private message inbox page.
  • Photos can now be uploaded to the activity feed via mobile devices.
  • Admin’s control panel layout refactored and improved
  • Added individual privacy level settings for each profile field on the user’s edit profile page.

Let us know what you guys think. Again, please be careful when upgrading and make a COMPLETE backup – and avoid upgrading on your live site. We’ll be rolling out another SE PHP upgrade in less than 1 month which will include many more improvements, including a major frontend overhaul for the default theme.

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