This is an addendum to our general Terms of Service. By using our store, you agree to both the Terms of Service the Store Terms of Service.

All products submitted to the store are the property of the listing expert and subject to their Terms of Service and copyright. We, Ahead WebSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in addition to Webligo Developments (collectively known as SocialEngine), provide a venue for products and services to be listed. You understand and agree that no liability exists to SocialEngine for any listed products or services.

Official SocialEngine products are listed by SocialEngine and supported by SocialEngine per the support terms. Each product listing shows the expert name and contact details in the listing.

Business Terms


Products listed in the official SocialEngine store are more appealing to clients as they can see that the expert is officially listed and a part of the community. This helps to promote trust between the clients and experts.


Experts shall be solely responsible for providing good customer support and maintenance services to the end users of their store products. Experts will provide all direct communications and services to and from customers with respect to all support services. Expert will need to ensure that they provide a resolution for any support issue or problem as soon as it is commercially reasonable, but no later than five (5) business days from client contact.


Any news or information if / whenever shared by SocialEngine with its experts at any point of time that may or may not be shared publicly by SocialEngine, shall not be shared by experts with anyone. This information can be regarding any development or business plans or about any product launches that SocialEngine may share with experts at any time.


We have been informed that clients are being enticed to give positive reviews in exchange for support, bug fixes or customizations. This is not allowed. Reviews must be an accurate representation of a client’s experience with the unaltered product. False reviews water down the accuracy of the review system and are a detriment to consumer confidence. Should we receive any proof of such behavior, the product in question will be removed from the store. No refunds of any fees will be granted.

Development Terms


Experts are solely responsible for testing the product well, making sure it works well from the perspective of technology, functionality, performance and user interface before submitting it to the SocialEngine store.


Experts are required to ensure full compatibility of their product with SocialEngine core software and official plugins before submitting it for review. Whenever any major or minor upgrades are released by SocialEngine of its core software, experts are required to test their products with that latest update and update the version of their product on the store within thirty (30) days of that major or minor SocialEngine core Software release. SocialEngine has the right to un-approve any product at anytime if it does not meet SocialEngine’s compatibility standards.


Experts are required to analyze the difference between minor and major upgrades well. Products must be uniform in versioning. These should coincide with SocialEngine release versions (4.8, 4.9, etc).In order to assure uniformity in versions, we define a Major version as any numbered release without an alpha-numeric sub-designation. We define a minor release as a release having an alpha-numeric sub-designation. See the examples below.

Example: Major release – 4.9, 4.9.1, 4.9.2, 4.9.3. Minor release – 4.9.2m1, 4.9.2m2, 4.9.3m3

Though you can use any alphabetical character for your sub-designation, we suggest staying away from “a” or “b” as those tend to be used for alpha and beta releases in the software industry and “p” tends to be for patch releases.


All submissions must conform to the store listing guidelines. Please log in with your expert account to view the guidelines.

Other Terms

SocialEngine reserves the right to:

  • Accept or Reject any products submitted, for any reason.
  • Remove any products that are pirated (stolen works of another) should we receive legal proof of such piracy such as from a court decision. In such an occurrence, the third party developer will also forfeit his/her account and will no longer be allowed an account. No refund of fees will be given.
  • Remove reviews that are blatantly paid or professional reviews; that contain obscenities; that break any posted rules of conduct; that are purposefully detrimental to an expert’s reputation and unconstructive.
  • Remove client access to the store due to non-payment of license; piracy or sharing of products; writing false reviews after a warning; extorting experts for free products or services. Investigations would be performed with due diligence if such claims are made.
  • Remove an expert from the program for multiple complaints that remain unresolved (upon management review); not providing products upon payment; products are all receiving poor reviews with no improvements; threatening clients; or any other reason in which SocialEngine finds the expert to be detrimental to clients, their sites, or the store. Investigations would be performed with due diligence if such claims are made.
  • Remove an expert from the program for intentionally harming a client site; downloading client data without express permission from the client; changing site access or server access details without express client consent.

SocialEngine provides this store as a courtesy so that our clients and third party experts have an easy venue to find and sell products or services. We do not guarantee any amount of uptime, results in sales, or approval time for Expert Profiles or Products. We strive to provide the best experience we can, and will improve things as we see fit. By using our store, you acknowledge and agree to all of the above.