Using Interest-based Communities to Expand Your Customer Base

SocialEngine - Community Software


Any one who uses Facebook, Twitter or any of the other major social media platforms understands how quickly topline mainstream stories saturate feeds. This renders direct use of these platforms less productive as a marketing tool for any niche business looking to expand its audience. However, using interest-based communities to generate initial support is a growth hack that many smaller companies are using to expose themselves to the mainstream.

Upselling Your Niche
The ad platforms that Facebook, Twitter and Google offer are less effective than other choices to a startup. At best, they artificially spike interest in your business, only to bury it when your limited budget exhausts itself. However, SocialEngine allows you to bypass this entire competition: Gathering your audience behind a post or a news item on your own social community before directing them to Facebook gives your topic the initial audience that it needs for further exposure.
Using Organic Social Media Algorithms to Your Benefit
No matter the major platform, the internal search engines naturally give an extra push to news items, videos and posts that already seem to have an organic momentum. For instance, if you post your business video on SocialEngine first, directing them to then like it on your YouTube channel, the likes and reposts then force YouTube to expose the video to a wider audience. Savvy businessmen will then use that YouTube video to direct the mainstream back to the SocialEngine community!
Use this trick to growth hack people from the mainstream into your niche content over time, and use SocialEngine as your hub rather than fighting for attention on the major platforms.

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