Spencer’s SocialEngine Marketplace Adventure

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Spencers adventures in SocialEngine
I’m back! Did you miss me?
These got pokey under my pillow so I’m going to put them here for you and then take a nap. Here’s the last of what I dug up in my first trip to the marketplace. I’m sure I’ll go back there to play as it’s full of so much fun stuff!
SportsPlus Responsive Theme – SportsPlus is a multi-color, user friendly theme with an attractive landing page. By Stars Developer “I love sports! Tennis balls are awesome!!”
Questions and Answers – A plugin that gives your users functionality to post questions and get answers. By WebHive. “Here’s a fun way to pass the time. Members could even make fun question games.”
French Language pack – Fully translated language pack. By Social-Zone. “Did you know that “woof” in French is still “woof?”
SMS Plugin – Send SMS to your contacts directly from the SocialEngine interface. By iPragmatech Solutions . “Oh this is fun. I borrowed James’ cell phone to send messages with this!”
Desktop Notifications – This module will add awesome Desktop notifications (PUSH) feature for your website. Your users will be prompted to allow your site to show them notifications (just like on Facebook). By SocialEngine Mobi . “This is great! I could friend everyone and they would get notified and then come play ball with me!”
That’s some great stuff! I hope you enjoyed them all. I sure did. 🙂 This is your buddy Spencer signing off until next time.

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