4.10 Roadmap

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It’s time for a roadmap! We know how much you look forward to new releases and in getting information for upcoming ones. We wanted to let you know what’s on tap for version 4.10 and a basic idea of when to expect it.

New Features

Tagging Members

Ability to tag a member in a post or comment. Username tagging is popular in social networking and it’s coming to SocialEngine PHP 4.10!


Smileys/Emoticons are a staple of social networking. We’re including smiley/emoticon support for all text areas!

Profile and Group Banners

We will be adding support for banner images for both individual and group profiles. This adds a customization feature that members tend to love.


We’re adding hashtags! Similar to how Twitter #hashtags work, this will also include a tag cloud to show all of the hashtags added. This is great for SEO and user engagement.


Remove Flash

Remove flash components and replace with HTML5. This is something that clients have requested and we find it necessary due to browser changes. It’s not something we could release in a 4.9 minor release as it’s a big change so we will include it in 4.10.

Networks Update

We’ll be updating Networks so that it’s a more robust feature. Members will be able to choose which of their networks they want to post to (via standard privacy settings).

Profile Types Update

Profile Types is getting some attention. We’ll add the ability to hide on registration and/or member browse, allow admin to assign profile types and edit a member’s profile type.

Remove Old Themes

We will remove the old themes from the core download. These will be added to the marketplace as free, unsupported downloads. Experts are free to update them as they choose and can contact us for details.

PHP Requirements

PHP has come a long way since PHP 5.2 and we find it necessary to update the requirements for SocialEngine PHP version 4.10. It will require at least PHP 5.6 but we strongly recommend using PHP 7.
All of the above are in addition to bug fixes that we’ll incorporate into this version. We anticipate this release during 4th quarter 2017. Got questions? Please feel free to ask at our community!

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